There is no God.

Sorry folks – but the time for Santa Claus is long gong.  We use our perceptions and their derivations to ascertain reality.  If an omnipotent God can’t take a few minutes out of his day to…..

1. Stop Human Suffering

2. Directly communicate with his flock

3. Do anything supernatural that can’t be explained by science

Then of course he probably isn’t a God at all but either is a egotistical charlatan, non-existent, or is clever enough to outsmart himself and should go back to the murky mist of the human mind that it sprang from.

No one knows what life after death brings.

This is an easy one.  The human brain can hallucinate in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.  Any stories you have heard about “after-life experiences” are possibly:

1. Really true (no – doubt it)

2. An chemical crazy train created by a living human brain going through the first steps of breakdown.

You really have no idea what death brings – but it could be horrible…… or wonderful…. probably depending on the nature and relationship of the waveforms and particles embedded in your brain.  The harmonics of these waves create the impression of the reality you see.  Nothing stops after you die.  The particle/waveform that comprises your perception goes on from instant to instant .. second to second – it knows no boundaries – there is no “death” only the organized behavior of your body/brain breaking down.

This is like trusting snow on TV.  Right now you at least know that you feel you are in control of your life.  Don’t let go of that control.

If we need to the particles that compromise use can be “held onto” “cryonically” and then massaged into a pleasant state.

You really care about that little bit of your body that IS you (your brain) – because what it feels – you feel:)

We should all be fighting a common enemy

Especially in these enlightened times we should all be focusing like a laser beam on stopping death – or at the very least retaining every piece of what we are – cryonically – “chilling”.  So that in the future it can be reformed into something that can experience a truly delightful level of pleasure.  Our minds are wonderful machines that guide our bodies and generate the experience (as a side effect) of the reality we perceive.